Dave Holland Quintet – Prime Directive

Dave Holland QuintetPrime Directive
Dave Holland Quintet
(ECM – 1999)
by Paula Edelstein

The masterful Dave Holland continues to explore the sonorities, sheer rhythmic panache and masterful acoustics of his double-bass on PRIME DIRECTIVE. Together with quintet members, Chris Potter on soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, Robin Eubanks on trombone and cowbell, Steve Nelson on vibraphone and marimba and Billy Kilson on drums, the Dave Holland Quintet achieves the entire spectrum of jazz greatness on nine compositions penned by members of the quintet. “Prime Directive” and “Down Time,” both written by Holland, are the alpha and omega of this great program and provide the listener with sonic perfection.

The award-winning Holland also wrote “Looking Up,” “Make Believe,” and “Jugglers Parade” for the CD with each song providing a masterful study of his jazz compositional integrity and brilliant bass performances. The highly creative musical expressions, improvisations, solos and tones achieved by these great musicians on their respective instruments provide many excellent reasons for indulging oneself for nearly eighty minutes.