Dave Brubeck – Indian Summer

Dave BrubeckDave Brubeck
Indian Summer
(Telarc – 2007)
by Paula Edelstein

A major force in the American cultural landscape, Dave Brubeck is one of this era’s most prolific and farsighted artists who has taken our imagination beyond the boundaries of the expected with his innovative renditions of some of your favorite songs. Now, the incomparable Dave Brubeck offers his fans another exceptional program, which features his solo piano virtuosity. INDIAN SUMMER was recorded over a period of two days as Brubeck suffered in pain from a leg injury. Needless to say, Brubeck conquered his pain and delivered this brilliant 16-track recording that will help you to appreciate his masterful work even more.

INDIAN SUMMER showcases Brubeck’s spellbinding versatility and creative expanse of his grand instrument, bridging the gap between traditional jazz and folkloric appeal. He navigates this innovative concert through fresh and exciting terrain, performing such unique and versatile songs as “You’ll Never Know,” “I’m Alone,” “Georgia On My Mind” and “Indian Summer” to his beautiful original collaborations with his wife titled “Autumn In Our Town,” “So Lonely,” and “Summer Song.” From powerful crescendos and thrilling arpeggi, to pensive chord voicings and modal harmony, Brubeck’s masterful solo performance will endear you to his legendary work for years to come.

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