Curtis Lundy – Purpose

Curtis Lundy
(Justin Time – 2002)
by Raymond Redmond

Bassist Curtis Lundy returns to the New York jazz scene with a Purpose, bringing pianists John Hicks and Andrew Wonsey, sax man Mark Shim Drummer Billy Hart and Steve Nelson and his vibes along for the ride. Lundy comes right at you with the hip ‘Snake Eyes’ and carries the groove through to the frenetic ‘Carmen’. ‘Love Transforms’ is another gem in this collection of jewels, Lundy’s bass carrying the track without overwhelming it. There’s also some very nice sax work here.

This CD is a pleasant surprise, and better than his last release which was a little sparse in places, lacking the fullness and emotion you get on this one. The crew is superior and compliment Curtis’ soulful style throughout the CD. It’s hard to put this CD into a category, but if forced I’d call it good old straight ahead Accoustic jazz, with a touch of soul. It’s that accoustic touch that makes it so real, so comfortable. I’m glad to see Curtis back with a great release, a contender for the year’s ten best.