Courtney Pine – Devotion

Courtney Pine
(Telarc – 2004)
by Ray Redmond

Devotion took me by surprise. I’ve never been a big Courtney Pine fan, so when I got this assignment I put the CD on with some temerity… boy did THAT go away quickly. This guy is talented… U.K. is very Crusaders horns inspired, Osibisa a bit of a cacophony on parade. Bless The Weather is a pretty, soulful track featuring vocalist David McAlmont. The tune tells a story, has some good background placement and great musicianship.

When The World Turns Blue, with vocalist Carleen Anderson is the other GREAT track on this release. Very up tempo, as is Pine’s bent, Carleen keeps the pace and carries the day. Sister Soul has a bit of a 70’s retro feel, I think that’s why I liked it, and the title tune Devotion is very old school. The rest of the CD is veeeery Courtney Pine and will appeal to his fans.