Classical Meets Jazz: Pictures at an Exhibition

Eyran and Andrei’s two-piano onstage dialogue weaves together classical and jazz styles in a revolutionary interpretation of Mussorgsky’s timeless masterpiece. Pictures at an Exhibition is performed as one organic and unified piece, with all thirteen movements presented in their original order. Each movement is approached differently as the two distinguished international pianists explore how composition and improvisation come together in a creative and unique way.

Eyran Katsenelenbogen and Andrei Ivanovitch, piano
Recorded live on May 24, 2009 in Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA.

Produced by Richard Malcolm
Audio Recording by Jeremy Sarna
Artist Photography by Vincere Sylph
Jordan Hall Photography by Nick Wheeler
Graphic Design by Abby Getman

This project was made possible with funding from New England Conservatory.