Christopher Lehman – Popjazzic

Christopher Lehman
EM&M – 2009

PopJazzic is Christopher Lehman’s first solo release of his original material on one recording. PopJazzic features two original vocals and¬†eight original instrumentals, PopJazzic music is contemporary and lives in the African-American Spiritual Tradition. Many musical styles, Blues, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Swing, Soul, Caribbean, R & B and more influence PopJazzic. The melodies are catchy, the solos are tonal and the musical experience has an uplifting energy. PopJazzic is not heavy, nor is it light; but the recordings certainly have a gutsy, spirited tenacity.

The PopJazzic Aural Experience is for Everyone; the Young and the Young at Heart. Mr. Lehman states: “Without compromise PopJazzic is the recording I intended to create. Relating to you how very pleased I am with PopJazzic, doesn’t begin to say most it. I love this recording and know you will, too. Having wrote the songs, arranged the music, produced the recording, sat in on each and every moment of the mix and previewed the tracks in various forms, countless times; you would imagine that one would eventually be exhausted of listening to it. Believe it or not, I haven’t tired a bit. ‘Each time I listen again, the PopJazzic recordings are as vibrant and as fresh as the first time ever I heard it.