Chris Graham Trio – After-Birth of Cool

Chris Graham Trio
After-Birth of Cool
Chris Graham Trio – 2010

After-Birth of Cool is bursting with texturally rich compositions and technically evocative playing. The Chris Graham Trio has a telekinetic communication underpinning each adventurous track. What is so special about this vibraphone led ensemble, is the technique of Chris Graham in particular. He has created a signature sound that is stylistically not like any other vibraphonist in the marketplace to date. Chris has developed a “Five Finger” technique, where he grips 5 mallets, allowing him to bend melodic notes while still maintaining chord functions. This signature sound is so uniquely original that it brings added layers to Graham’s already well-craftedcompositions.

The rhythm section of Alex Austin (bass) and Oliver Hunt (drums), is just the right element needed to compliment and propel Chris’ ideas
to their fullest potential. Lastly, After-Birth of Cool was recorded with no overdubs, furthering the emotive and spontaneous performances contained within this organic and unforced natural sounding CD.

Chris has worked as a sideman with recording artists such as: Keri Johnsrud on her 2009 album All Blue, with Johathon Bass in 2008 on his album Shapes and Colors, with Section Four in 2007 on a self-titled album called Section Four and with Allan Beeson on First Time Out, in 2005. Chris’s own album, After Birth of Cool will be released in the summer of 2010.

Chris is a well respected musician in the Chicago region, he has worked at Chicago recording studios such as: Rax Trax, The Vault, Red Brick, and plays jazz venues such as: the Jazz Showcase, the Green Mill, Andy’s and the Double Door. Chris is the only vibraphonist who has mastered what he calls the “Graham” five-mallet grip. Chris is able to hold all five mallets, which allows Chris’s music to have constant chordal function, while painting the melody lines with the added benefit to bend any note at anytime.

When circumstances call for it, Chris can maintain the five-mallet grip while picking up a cello bow to create an ethereal sound.