Children On The Corner – Rebirth

Children On The CornerChildren On The Corner
(Sonance Records – 2004)
by Sidney Bechet-Mandela

That is Children On The Corner as in Miles Davis’ On The Corner. Former Miles sidemen from one of the great trumpeter’s 70 fusion band have reunited for a killer long jam recorded live at a club in Oakland, California. Bassist, Michael Henderson, saxophonist, Sonny Fortune, tabla master, Badal Roy, all of whom are on the famous Miles Davis record from where they adopted their name, are augmented by guitarist, Barry

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Finnerty, a Miles alum from the 80’s, and drummer Leon ‘N’Dugu Chancler and keyboardist Michael Wolfe.

The highlight, easily, of the eight-song set is the re-doing of Miles’ monster funk jam, Black Satin, one of four of the tracks that checks in over ten minutes. As well he should, Fortune sounds better these days than he did 30 years ago and throws torrid sheets of sound throughout. Bassist, Henderson, who like so many Davis alum, became a pop star, shines here on the vampish B Flat Philly Funk. Wolfe is also a revelation. Just like it was in the On The Corner days, this music isn’t for the faint of heart who cruise the surface of what is contemporary jazz today. But those with heart and a good sense of fusion music, hang out on the corner with these guys.