Charlie Hayden and Quartet West – Live at PDX Jazz 2005

Charlie Hayden and Quartet West
Live at PDX Jazz 2005

by John Thompson

Bass legend Charlie Hayden and Quartet West appeared at the Portland Marriot Hotel with a trio consisting of Alan Broadbent (P), Rodney Green (D) and former Tonight Show alum Ernie Watts (TS) and performed admirably. Hayden captured the crowd with appreciative messages and political humor. While most of the feel of the set was middle of the road, as were Hayden’s solos, the most impressive player was undoubtedly Ernie Watts. After hearing his first solo, I waited the rest of the night to hear Watts miss one note. He didn’t.

Another legend on the Bass, Dave Holland, filled the Portland Hilton crowd with unforgettable music that was emotionally charged. Present was the very able Alex Spaigin (T) Holland and his band played a jazz and semi-fusion mix of masterful music which demanded to be heard. Holland showed extraordinary technique and speed on several solos that definitely pleased the crowd. All in all it was just another of many great musical moments at PDXJazz 2005.