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The archives contain all of the material that was posted on JazzUSA prior to July 1, 2012, when we converted to our new community-based format.

Colors Ken Nordine(Asphodel – 2000) by Matthew S. Robinson

Originally intended as a nine-part series of commercials for a paint company, Ken Nordine’s 1967 classic is still a brilliant and, um- colorful trip through the big crayon box. Re-released with ten new 90 second shades, Colors (the American spelling, thank you!) gives form and flesh to a J. Crew catalog full of familiar but perhaps underappreciated tones. Though the usual suspects such as Yellow, Brown and Black are in revue, Nordine also reaches out to such colorfully entitled tints as Ecru, Chartreuse, Azure, Muddy, Russet, Sepia and Nutria. From fat… Continue reading

Danilo PerezThe Art of the Diplomat:A Conversation with Danilo Perez by Paula Edelstein

Although much of the music on MOTHERLAND, Danilo Perez’s debut release for the Verve label, is rooted in his Panamanian homeland, this exciting tribute is his homage to the music for all of The Americas. North, Central and South. The recently appointed Cultural Ambassador of Panama has composed and arranged 13 true representations of his essence, and presents some of the most profound musical symbolism and metaphors to ever elicit the legacy of his native Panama. From classic jazz and post-bop to folk and world music, Danilo Perez… Continue reading

Jim CifelliJim Cifelli Groove Station (Short Notice – 2005) by Paula Edelstein Trumpeter Jim Cifelli tunes you in to his GROOVE STATION and you’d be very wise to not touch that dial. Cifelli gets down with his sextet on eight in-the-pocket eclectic blues, jazz and funk performances that will have you out on the dance floor or in your seat with heads bobbing and feet patting. Cifelli’s Clifford Brown-styled trumpet chops are definitely what makes this set a keeper, but it’s the group’s interplay and daring improvisations that keeps it interesting. Opening with “Groove Station,” this song gets its funky tone… Continue reading

Annie KozuchHere With You 2010 – Kozuch Productions

Annie Kozuch [pronounced Ko’ zuk] was raised in Mexico City, Mexico. After seeing her first professional show at the age of six, she knew she wanted to perform. She sat in on her siblings’ guitar lessons and although she was too young to hold the guitar, she learned to sing all the boleros and mariachis. Encouraged by her parents to “do what makes you happy” she furthered her passion for acting and singing by training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (R.A.D.A.), London, and graduated from Mills College, CA, with… Continue reading

July 2000

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express Artist: Album: Hot Single:  Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express  Voices of Other Times  It Burns Me Up  (Miramar – 2000) by S. H. Watkins, Sr. The Oblivion Express has pulled back into the station, with a few different passengers than the last time it stopped through. Brian Auger has been blending jazz, rock and funky R&B into a hybrid all his own since the early 60’s in England. The current incarnation of Brian’s ‘Oblivion Express’ includes a couple of his children, son Karma on drum and percussion (he also serves as producer and engineer), and… Continue reading
David BinneyIn The Paint Posi-Tone – 2009

Alto Sax sensation David Binney joins forces with Trombonist Alan Ferber on “In The Paint”. Turning each of their compositional talents toward the harmonious creation of a wide variety of entertaining ensemble performances the entire session is highlighted by a pleasant combination of melodicism and surprising improvisations.

The program is delightfully engaging and prominently features the flowing rhythms of veteran drummer Gerald Cleaver, the inventive counterpoint of bassist Thomas Morgan, an interesting new discovery in Peter Schlamb on vibes, and the wide harmonic palette of the celebrated musical prodigy… Continue reading

Jass – A Valentin St.Cyr NovelDan Fulmer Harcourt Books- 2005S. H. Watkins, Sr.

Creole detective Valentin St.Cyr is back, and once again the mystery is as thick and tasty as Louisiana gumbo. In this cleverly crafted sequel to his Shamus Award winning Chasing the Devil’s Tail, Fulmer again weaves a tapestry that envelopes you in the sights, sounds and attitudes of the famed “Storyville” section of New Orleans, the birthplace of a new music called “Jass”.

Mixing a little history with a lot of great fiction Fulmer has populated the story with the likes of Jelly Roll Morton… Continue reading

Jews in Jazzat Hebrew CollegeBoston ­ February 27, 2005 by Matthew S. Robinson Jewish Americans and African Americans come from different places and different cultures, and yet the similarities have always persevered. Driven from their respective homelands and forced to make it as best they could in strange new lands, both groups were oppressed by the established majorities and kept out of many circles of privilege. Is it any surprise, then, that they both came together in so many ways and so many worlds, including that of artistic expression? Such was the issue discussed at the recent presentation at… Continue reading


February 1999


TIM WARFIELDGentle Warrior(Criss Cross Jazz)

Influenced by the playing of Wayne Shorter and Junior Cook, Tim Warfield has been earning raves developing his own voice with the bands of Nicholas Payton and Christian McBride. Warfield, whose parents raised him in a musically rich environment, began playing the alto at the age of nine before puberty augmented the young man’s timbre and he switched… Continue reading
Leslie LewisKeeper of the Flame 2010 – Surf Cove Jazz

Leslie Lewis, a native of East Orange, New Jersey, enjoys a vibrant career as a jazz vocalist. She has performed throughout the country including tours as a featured vocalist with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, and with members of the Duke Ellington Orchestra on an Ellington Tribute concert as well as performances with Jazz Tap Ensemble. Leslie was featured, along with Jack Sheldon, on the Tom Kubis Big Band recording “At Last”. Her solo recording, Of Two Minds features Leslie with the Gerard Hagen Trio and L.A. jazz all-stars, Gary… Continue reading

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