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Brian Culbertson Live Brian Culbertson – Live – 20th Anniversary Tour
March 31, 2015
Soul Traveler Marion Meadows – Soul Traveler
April 3, 2015
De Profundis Andrew Bishop – De Profundis
April 6, 2015
Brazilian Nights Kenny G – Brazilian Nights
April 9, 2015
made in brazil Eliane Elias – Made in Brazil
April 12, 2015
A Better Man Phil Perry – A Better Man
April 15, 2015
In Bloom Eva Cortes – In Bloom
April 18, 2015
Hard To Cook Michael Valeanu – Hard To Cook
April 21, 2015
Ode To Heroes Thana Alexa – Ode To Heroes
April 24, 2015
Wall Flower Diana Krall – Wallflower
April 27, 2015
Red Nelson Rangell – Red
April 30, 2015
Fritzenized Jonathan Fritzen – Fritzenized
May 3, 2015
save your breath Kris Davis – Save Your Breath
May 6, 2015
Night and Day Vincent Herring – Night and Day
May 9, 2015
Soul Searching Mitchell Coleman Jr – Soul Searching
May 12, 2015
Orphic Machine Ben Goldberg – Orphic Machine
May 15, 2015
illuminations Erik Friedlander – Illuminations
May 18, 2015
Going Home Joey Calderazzo – Going Home
May 21, 2015
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The archives contain all of the material that was posted on JazzUSA prior to July 1, 2012, when we converted to our new community-based format.

Randy BreckerRandy Brecker 34th N Lex(Esc – 2003) by John Thompson This CD cooks!! “34th N Lex” is a bad mother “Shut your mouth!” Randy Brecker(t) got skillz. Gotta tell you how the music on this CD relates to my last Saturday evening. Imagine going to a cookout and seeing teens through 40’s in perfect harmony, playing dominos, eating BBQ ribs, chicken, potato salad, and groovin’ to some serious mature tunes(R&B,70’s soul, blues, funk, smooth & rough jazz). Not one single teen or 20 something complained about the music, because there was enough for everyone. Which brings me back to… Continue reading

Patricia BarberPatricia Barber A Fortnight In France (Blue Note/EMI – 2004) by Matthew S. Robinson Proving that the French are not completely stupid, Chicago-bred chanteuse Patricia Barber continues the proud but perhaps odd tradition started by the likes of Josephine Baker by garnering rave reviews in France than she does at home. Fortunately, this new live CD demonstrates why she deserves such raves and will hopefully help bring them back across the ocean. Combining South side drive with Francophile panache and the traditional quartet swing of “Witchcraft” with the funk band agitation of “Crash,” Barber shows a command and a cool… Continue reading

Damian MarleyRighteousness Overcome By Derek Beres There is no irony, perhaps, that doctrine is defined as a “principle or body of principles presented for acceptance or belief, as by a religious, political, scientific, or philosophic group,” and it’s societal employment, indoctrination, can be found as “teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically.” When you factor in an alternate meaning of the first word, “A statement of official government policy, especially in foreign affairs and military strategy,” and weigh in the religious concerns of followers of doctrines such as the Bible and Koran, a very hygienic, prescribed notion of spirituality arises.That is,… Continue reading

Jon RegenJon Regen Almost Home(HiTone – 2004) by Paula Edelstein Jon Regen expands his musical boundaries with Almost Home, a seven track EP featuring Regen’s mellow vocals, piano and Hammond B3 organ prowess. Joined by Jonathan Sanborn on bass and Eric Addeo on drums, Regen, who is mostly recognized for his brilliant piano accompaniment with the legendary jazz vocalist Jimmy Scott and frequent gigs with Kyle Eastwood – gives his music such a veneer of aestheticism that the listener can actually involve their personal experience through the songs. For the road weary, give “Only My Credit Card Remembers Where… Continue reading

As Long As There's MusicAs Long As There’s MusicDenny Zeitlin Trio(32 Jazz – 2000) by Dick Bogle

With the release of this exciting new CD by pianist Denny Zeitlin, there is no longer an excuse for not hearing the music of an elder who has forbidden time to catch up with him. Backed by Buster Williams on bass and drummer Al Foster, Zeitlin swings with power but caresses ballads with the gentleness of a wafting breeze. Sometimes, like on “Cousin Mary” his notes generate their power seemingly effortlessly but register in the listener’s ear as powerful strokes. His ten tracks include “For Heaven’s Sake,”… Continue reading


BeatleJazz A BITE OF THE APPLE (Zebra Acoustic – 2000) by John Barrett After the success of Jazz Is Dead, it isn’t surprising that other bands would get the jazz treatment. The Beatles are an excellent choice: their tunes have many chords, and structures you don’t often find in rock music. The band adapts its style to each tune: “Junk”, from the McCartney album, gets a Bill Evans treatment, while “Come Together” is closer to Ramsey Lewis. The drums have a mild Latin kick, and Charlie Fambrough bends the bass like anything. “Love”, one of John Lennon’s best melodies, is… Continue reading

“Everybody Is A Star…” – Sly Stone

If you’ve got a Jazz tune that you think is good enough for the big time, nows the time! JazzUSA is accepting material submissions for our End Of ’99 CD project. Once all the submissions have been evaluated, we’re going to select the best tracks, compile and release a CD in late End Of of 1999. If your song is chosen to be on the CD, your song credits, photo, biography and contact information will be included in the liner notes booklet. You will also receive five free copies of the CD and… Continue reading

Angie WhitneyThat’s What Love is All About Little Dizzy – 2008

The new record by former spinners backup singer Angie Whitney takes you on a beautiful journey about love. Every song has a story. “Don’t Tease Me” shows off a cool sax solo and features strings and 3 part harmony.”That’s What Love Is All About” was recorded by Jerry Butler back in the day but is an original song written by Michael Sutton and Mack David (8 Academy Award nominations/Induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1975). The song is a soulful ballad that speaks of misery and… Continue reading

Michael MansonThe Bottom Line(A440 Music Group – 2002) by Raymond Redmond

Upstart A440 Music has another hit on their hands with bassist Michael Manson’s “Bottom Line”. “Outer Drive” kicks it right into the groove with guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr. and smooth-jazz keyboardist Brian Culbertson laying the groove, Ron Haynes trumpet accenting and swinging in the background. “Keys to my Heart” and “Angel’s Serenade” are both slower tracks featuring Kirk Whalum’s tenor sax and Culbertson’s subtle keys. Dwight Sills and Gerey Johnson pulling guitar duty, respectively. “Seven Whole Days” is a Babyface Edmonds tune that features the wailing sax of… Continue reading

Nicole HenryNicole Henry The Nearness of You(Banister – 2004) by Paula Edelstein This romantic celebration of pop and jazz standards by newcomer Nicole Henry was recorded “live” at Upstairs at the Van Dyke. If her voice sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve heard the lovely ingénue sing on national television commercials such as Verizon Wireless, Amtrak, Air Jamaica, Hershey’s and Sears among others! This set, one that emphasizes being near and with the one you love, opens with a sensual, languid version of Gershwin’s “Summertime” and segues right into the Hammerstein/Kern chestnut “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man.” Nicole Henry sings a… Continue reading

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