Bobby Lyle – Straight And Smooth

Bobby LyleBobby Lyle
Straight And Smooth
(Three Keys – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

Bobby Lyle is “all that” on this great 2-CD set titled STRAIGHT and SMOOTH. The titles say it all as the brilliant pianist rapturously mixes bossas, jazz and original songs on this exceptional offering. On the STRAIGHT disc, the world-class pianist plays 11 great straight-ahead jazz songs written by some of your favorite jazz artists including Shorter, Jobim and of course, Bobby Lyle himself. With four new songs from his pen, this disc is a shining example of Lyle’s versatile composing skills and his ability to swing, bop, cool it or play the blues.

Top pick: “Deep Six.” On the SMOOTH disc, he covers such hit pop songs as “Step In The Name of Love,” and Barry White’s “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby” with the latter featuring great lead vocals by Werner Richmond! Bobby Lyle evinces the same elevated artistic sensibility throughout this disc as he explores some of the hottest old school and neo-soul grooves that you’ll ever hear. Make adding this excellent CD to your traditional AND smooth jazz collection a top priority.

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