Benji Kaplan – Meditacoes no Violao

Benji’s 2nd creative endeavor, a solo album of guitar music inspired by many great composers from Brazil and around the world. All titles are original compositions comprised of. choros, sambas, Baiaoes, Waltzes and other styles of his own making.

1. In Memory of Luke (4:33)- I began writing this piece very spontaneously in November of 2010 not knowing it was the foreshadowing of a very unfortunate event that took place: a dear friend of mine had committed suicide, I had found out a few days into the composition process and it was then that it dawned on me that this piece would be in memory of Luke.

2. Choro em Fado (2:19)- English translation (Choro in Fado)this composition’s title in a way speaks for itself, but will need a bit of translation: Choro: means little cry and Fado: means fate or destiny, Fado, from portugal and choro, from Brazil, are both styles of music that share in common the desire to express deep longing for something or someone.

3. Choro in E major (3:47)- This piece was inspired by a 2nd encounter with one of the greatest composers of Brazil, Guinga, at a camp in the redwood forests in California. He played for us one of his latest compositions at the time called Blue eyes, it was so beautiful!!!

4. Truffaut (2:38)- A title composed in homage of the great film maker From France, Francois Truffaut. It hints at melodies from one of my favorite of his films called (The 400 Blows)
5. Nostalgia (2:49)- Came from a very peaceful meditative moment and almost came out all at once. It may be Nostalgic for a time and place that only exists within the heart.

6. Baiao for Gershwin (3:23)- This track got its name firstly for it’s rhythm that is called Baiao from the North east of Brazil, where I had spent a couple of months when I was 19. The second part of the title was for some harmonic feelings that reminded me of Gershwin’s music.

7. Escuridao no Ceu (2:47)- Can mean (Obscurity in the sky). It has a dark introspective imagery, while feeling holy and peaceful at the same time.

8. Valsa Lullabye (5:07)- This piece was inspired by working through and arranging another song by a great composer from Brazil named Edu Lobo. In english it means (lullabye waltz).

9. Choro pra Garoto (3:08)- This choro was dedicated to another great composer from Brazil named Garoto , the title in english is (Choro for Garoto).

10. Quando o Sol Raiar (1:55)- Translation: (When the sun rises) I wrote this song very spontaneously in the midst of playing a set at a club in NYC.

11. Baiao de Leemore (5:06)- Translation: (Baiao for Leemore) This piece was dedicated to my girlfriend that I love very much. It goes to many interesting moods and places, filled with surprises, just like her!!! It is a Baiao that starts out very much rubato for a while then goes in to time.

12. Torment (3:13)- This track expresses feelings of torment but also of releasing these feelings and moving in to new places to express other emotions such as joy, curiosity, or feelings of sentiment.

13. Introspective (2:31)- I started playing around with a musical idea that came to me after I had played a show accompanying a play at The graduate program at New School University in NYC and it was finished over a period of a year or so.

14. Choro tip toe (1:54)- This is one of my favorites. For me, It has some absurdity to it, mixed with sarcasm and aggression. I think it must have been what I was feeling in the moment and came out all at once.