Azure McCall – Body and Soul

Azure McCall - Body and SoulAzure McCall
Body and Soul
by Raymond Redmond

Azure McCall is Hawaii’s first lady of Jazz. Her first album “Body and Soul”, was released on a Japanese label, but recorded right in Hawaii.  Remarkable, the entire album was recorded in one five-hour studio session. Azure’s voice and stylings remind you of Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughn. Her clear and melodious renditions of “Nice work If You Can Get It”, “Perdido” and “Body and Soul” are worthy of those great songstresses.

Last November Ray Brown asked Azure to headline a Japanese tour with himself, Joe Lovano, Nicholas Payton and Geoff Keizer.  Ray Brown is Ella Fitzgerald’s  former husband, that gives you an idea of the caliber of Azure’s talent.  She has that way of mixing vocalization with storytelling that flows like silk on satin. Keep an eye on this songbird, her stock in the jazz world is rising quickly.