Anton Schwartz – When Music Calls

When music callsWhen Music Calls

Anton Schwartz
by S. Watkins, Sr.

Leave it on. That’s what will happen when you hear the groovin’ debut release by this 31-year-old New York-born saxman. Filled with tunes that get better and better, you’ll forget that the album is by a relative newcomer, instead slipping easily into a world of smooth melodies, catchy phrasing and interesting licks. The compositional styles and individual stylings on the tracks are diverse yet complimentary, preventing the ‘boredom factor’ that can creep in when you leave some CD’s on too long.

Accompanied by a San Francisco Bay-area-based ensemble of pianist Paul Nagel, bassist John Shifflett and drummer Jason Lewis, Schwartz lays down track after track of compositions the likes of which are rarely heard from young jazz musicians.

Schwartz wrote eight of the ten tracks on the album, the other two being the classic “Where or when” and “Paradoxy”, a remake of Sonny Rollins’ “Doxy” that would make the old saxman proud. Having played with greats Warne Marsh, Eddie Daniels, Woody Herman, and  Lionel Hampton has surely contributed to Anton’s  polished style and compositional maturity.

His straight-ahead style is reminiscent of a Stanley Turrentine or Warne Marsh (to whom the album is dedicated). We look forward to following the career of this bright new star in the Jazz world for years to come.

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