Anna Maria Flechero – Within the Fourteenth Hour

Anna Maria Flechero
Within the Fourteenth Hour
Anna Maria Flechero – 2008

This CD features well-known pop and jazz standards and one original by Anna Maria. Even though this CD touches on the well-known, Anna Maria masterfully articulates each storyline with unique delivery and original arrangemenrs, giving these well-placed standards a breath of new life, coupled with her original track “Pretty Soon.”

Within the Fourteenth Hour is a stunning voyage into the creative and soulful mind of Anna Maria. Coming full circle in her musical joumey, Anna Maria collaborates once again with luminary and pianist Cedar Walton. Walton guest appears on two tracks, again connecting the two in a mutually respectful reunion. The result is true magic; the two watermark their own imptint all over the tracks creating a partnership of distinctive and classic performances.

Anna Maria’s soulful and matchless voice creates a truly phenomenal adventure through textures, colors and rhythms that leave you excited to bear cut after cur. Anna Maria in her own words describes the core emotion behind this release. “I’ve never lost my dream to sing and create music. Music is my soul; it runs through me all the time,” simply proving the exact reason why you should hurry and get your copy of Within the Fourteenth Flour.