Angie Whitney – That’s What Love is All About

Angie Whitney
That’s What Love is All About
Little Dizzy – 2008

The new record by former spinners backup singer Angie Whitney takes you on a beautiful journey about love. Every song has a story. “Don’t Tease Me” shows off a cool sax solo and features strings and 3 part harmony.”That’s What Love Is All About” was recorded by Jerry Butler back in the day but is an original song written by Michael Sutton and Mack David (8 Academy Award nominations/Induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1975). The song is a soulful ballad that speaks of misery and ecstasy.

Angie, her twin sister Rachel, and her cousin Yvonne started their career singing back-up for The Spinners. One of the biggest Soul Groups of the 1970’s, The Spinners legendary music lives on today with classic songs such as: ‘Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”, “Ghetto Child”, “Working My Way Back To You”, “The Rubberband Man” and more!

Angie says, “We toured with them and learned so much. Cornelius Grant was our manger at the time. He was also the guitar player and musical director for The Temptations. He took us under his wing. He wanted to develop a girl group at the time. He was so controlling but I paid close attention to him because I wanted to be in show biz. We rehearsed so much but we all got antsy and it fell apart.”

By the early 80’s Angie finally stopped working with her twin and her cousin and was able to do her own thing. She started singing with a group called Drive All Night. In the 90’s she joined the Art Deco and His Society Orchestra.She stayed with them for 8 years. Angie and five former members of Art Deco then formed their own group called Easy

By early 2000 Angie was getting calls from many bands and was the first call singer with 3 or 4 groups. She worked days and continued to sing. She got married and kept singing. Angie says, “However, my husband became ill around that time and it stopped me from proceeding with my career because I was taking care of him full time, but I filled my husband’s life with love, comfort and joy until the day he died in my arms. That’s what love and life is about.”

Angie declares, “Now is the time for me. I’m so excited. This is my first CD and I’m thrilled to be able to release it on Little Dizzy Records. The CD was recorded in early 2007. It was produced by former Motown writer, Michael B. Sutton. It was recorded at Jam Factory Studios in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Angie adds, “All my feelings are on that CD… it’s a positive CD.” Its lush melodies and beautiful vocals tell her story. Take the journey with Angie and you’ll feel her emotion break through in every song.