Angela Hagenbach – Weaver of Dreams

Weaver of Dreams
Angela Hagenbach
(Amazon Records – 2000)
by S. H. Watkins, Sr.

I first ran into Angela Hagenbach in the bar at the hotel. It was late evening, and there were all sorts of people crammed in, conversing and laughing and networking. Over there was Gary Bartz, over here Cassandra Wilson stopped by, the crowd was electric. Angela and her bass player walked in and sat down at the table behind us. We got into a conversation with them and eventually exchanged business cards (the thing to do at conventions). Seeing she was a vocalist, I suggested she send us samples of her work for review.

Boy! Was she ready for me… reaching under her seat she produced a copy of her new CD, a very nice bio kit and a video with samples of her work. On top of which, she also produced a bag with her record company logo on it to carry it all! Naturally, this made me a little suspicious… She was well spoken, stunningly beautiful and an accomplished model. What were the chances that she could actually SING as well?

Well, I just finished listening to the CD for the third time and she does indeed have the whole package. her voice is sultry and smooth. Covering a variety of standards from Ellington’s “Caravan” to Porters “You Do Something to Me”, Angela really shows her chops. Her contralto voice is mesmerizing as she sings and scats her way through “Return to Paradise”. Then she stretches out even further on “Altos De Chavon”! The original tune, “Autumn’s Flame” is well written and delivered and bodes well for the future of her composing, but mostly she sticks to singing and she “Does It Oh So Well….”

For more information about Angela Hagenbach or to hear samples from the CD visit the Amazon Records Web Site.