Amina Figarova – Night Train

Amina FigarovaAmina Figarova
Night Train

(Munich Music – 2002)
by S.H. Watkins, Sr.

This fourth release for pianist Amina Figarova is very polished, and shows her classical roots. The title track Night Train is an up tempo jaunt with multiple piano lines that rolls along quite nicely. Rio Sueño features some strong trumpet and sax work, Amina ably filling in the rear with wonderfully melodic fill. Going Home is my favorite track with Bart Platteau’s lively flute leading off for Amina’s nimble fingering of the ivories. Bart returns later in the song for a great solo session, again the background horn work is timely and not overdone. Although the CD is predominately jazz, some of the slower tracks lean into the classical arena, a la George Winston.

Open to the World is pretty straight ahead with sections carved out for the sax and piano solos to shine. The oddly named Reggae Dance has some beautiful keyboard riffs toward the middle, again accentuated by that smooth flute, but no elements of Reggae!?!? All of the compositions on this CD are written and arranged by Amina Figarova, who has been composing since the age of three! The tracks are varied in style and show Amina’s virtuosity on the keys as well as her capability with the pen. This CD is a good bet.

For more info visit the Amina Figarova Web Site.

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