Ahmad Jamal – In Search of Momentum

At the ripe young age of 72, Ahmad Jamal is still one of the best jazz pianists out there. Six of the ten tracks on In Search of Momentum are originals and are full of the emotion and style that Jamal is famous for. Whisperings is a soulful track featuring the late vocalist O.C. Smith in one of his last recordings. Smith replaced Joe Williams in Basie’s band in the 60’s and is best known for his million seller Little Green Apples. Excerpts From I’ll Take The 20 is melodic anf flowing, a short romp from a larger piece that we’re looking forward to hearing. Where Are You is notable both for it’s chord structure and the wonderful tonality Jamal squeezes from the piano. Ahmad is still at the top of his game, and seems to be getting better with each evolution.

With his unique sense of space and innovative approach to collective improvisation, his legendary piano trios have had an enormous impact on jazz from the mainstream to the avant-garde. Even the immortal Miles Davis was profoundly affected by Jamal’s music, stating, “When people say Jamal influenced me a lot, they’re right.” In Jamal’s singular musical vision, bass and drums are not simply accompaniment. He crafts independent roles for the instruments that both complement the soloist while contributing heavily to the unified sound. Check it out.