Ada Rovatti – Airbop

Ada RovattiAda Rovatti
(Apria/Kindred Rhythm – 2006)
by Narvy James

They say beauty is only skin deep, but after hearing Airbop I’d say that her beauty is more than skin deep… it explodes through the mouth of her saxophone and covers you like morning dew. The first thought that came to mind… “Man, that chick can BLOW!”. Her smooth fingering and style puts her on the top shelf and on track for success without caving in to the ‘smooth jazz’ pressure.

And as good as she is, you must remember that there are great artists, then there are great combos. Kobi and Shaq, Mike and Scottie, Kirk and Spock. On this release Ada went back to play with legendary horn blower Randy Brecker, and the combination is both powerful and melodic. I hope that she continues to pair with the jazz legend on future releases because this concoction is the stew of the Gods.

More on Ada Ravatti…

Born in Pavia Italy, Ada’s love for music started at the age of 4 when she began studying piano under the guidance of her grandmother. With persistent enthusiasm she continued her study of piano for 13 years, well into her first years high school.

During high school she began to listen to Blues, Jazz and Funk. It was at this time that Ada, drawn to these unique musical genres and already significantly accomplished for her age in piano, decided to pursue the saxophone.

After high school Ada studied with G. Comeglio and, in the following time, with the “Jazz Company Big Band” and the “Jazz Class Orchestra”. It was during this period that she had the chance to perform with famous soloists such as Phil Woods, Jerry Bergonzi, Randy Brecker, Lee Konitz, Bob Mintzer, Bob Malach, Antonia Bennett, Mike Richmond, Herb Pomeroy and Franco Ambrosetti.